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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Endometriosis, My Story

It's officially March which mean's it is endometriosis awareness month. Endometriosis is an incurable disease which many people, including myself until recent know very little about despite 1 in 10 women being effected by the disease, I am 1 in 10. This disease effects so many women's daily lives yet so many people are still unaware of it. I, as well as many others struggle with this disease and its effects everyday which is why I have chosen to share my story in the hope that it might help in some little way to raise awareness. This is defiantly the hardest and most personal thing Iv'e shared, especially being such a private person, but seeing others share their stories has inspired me and helped me get over the initial feeling of being embarrassed or 'different' in some way to other women. 

Since the age of 11 I have always had excruciatingly painful, heavy and long periods which lead to me taking a lot of time off through out school and spending most days in bed. I also have extremely bad constipation, fatigue, spot bleeding and clotting, bloating and daily pain in my stomach, back and down my legs. I wasn't until about a year ago that the pain and bloating became a lot worse and I was having heavy bleeding almost every day that I finally decided the go to the doctors and was eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis after scans found a cyst on my ovary. 

I was only very recently diagnosed in November last year after almost a year of appointments, scans and tests, although for many the diagnosis isn't as quick or easy.

When I was diagnosed I was told that I have stage 4 endometriosis and that my bowel, womb, ovaries and pelvis are stuck together. I also have a seven cm cyst on my left ovary and I suffer from fertility issues as a result of the endometriosis. I was told that the only way I am likely to conceive is through IVF which was pretty devastating news and something I am still trying to come to terms with but I am trying to stay hopeful that one day I might be able to have a family. I am extremely lucky that I have the most supportive and understanding boyfriend on the planet, which I probably don't give him enough credit for. I know I defiantly don't give him enough credit for the mood swings he puts up with. 

I'm currently having hormone treatment, injections which shut the ovaries down and start menopause. This is to see if it will stop or reduce the endometriosis before I have my operation. I am due back at the end of March, this month to see how things are going and what is next for me.

I haven't been diagnosed for very long so I still have a lot of un answered questions, worries and a lot of things I still don't know about the disease. I do know that there are so many inspiring women out there who are doing so much work to raise awareness for the disease and helping others, I wouldn't know half of what I do now if it wasn't for them sharing their stories and advise. I have linked some really helpful pages below. 

I hope that by sharing my story so far that it might help raise some awareness for the disease.

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