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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Endometriosis Update

I’m currently at home recovering from my first laparoscopy I had last weekend, wishing I could be out enjoying this beautiful weather we are having. So I thought since I’m pretty much stuck inside for a while why not write an endometriosis update whilst it’s all still fresh in my memory. Like I mentioned in my previous post I tend to be an extremely private person when it comes to things like this but I’ve since realised this is something which effects my life in so many ways which is a little hard to hide and it’s important to talk about and raise awareness for a disease which effects so many of us women. So I’ve decided to share my journey on my blog for anyone who is interested or might be going through a similar journey and raise to awareness for the disease.

As I mentioned in my previous post I wrote for endometriosis awareness month back in March, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis back in November 2017 after around a year of tests and scans. Since March I’ve had my follow up appointment with my consultant to see how my treatment was going. The plan was to start decapeptyl injections which shut down the ovaries and induce menopause and start hormone replacement treatment. Unfortunately this wasn’t working and I was still having periods and daily bleeding since starting the treatment back in November. My consultant decided that he didn’t think it was a good idea to go ahead with the operation right now as it would be too much of risk so he started me on norethisterone to stop the bleeding, which thankfully worked and he put me on a waiting list so he could perform a laparoscopy to have a further look around and see exactly what was going on and remove my ovarian cyst at the same time. Fast forward to last weekend and I was having my operation.

How the operation went and what’s next

I had my pre assessment on the Friday and went in on the Saturday to have my operation, thankfully I was first on the list so I didn’t have to wait too long. It was a pretty smooth process, they just went through a few questions in the morning when I got there and the surgeon came to speak to me to go through everything then I was taken down to theatre and before I knew it I was coming round from the anesthetic. I came out of the anesthetic pretty well although as the day went on I started to feel quite sick and I wasn’t able to eat, also after all day of drinking I wasn’t able to pee as I had a few blood clots and I was in a bit of pain I had to stay in over night but I was able to get home on the Sunday.

Once I had come round from the anesthetic the surgeon came to speak to me about how the operation went and what was going to happen next. Unfortunately they couldn’t remove the cyst as it was too much of a risk and I would have lost my ovary as well, so they decided it was better to leave it until I have my operation, which will be open surgery. The surgeon also showed me some pretty gruesome photos of my insides, which shows the endometriosis and what is effected etc. They pretty much just confirmed what I already knew, it’s an extensive stage 4 endometriosis both ovaries are effected and the tubes are blocked which means I won’t be able to conceive naturally they are also stuck to my uterus and the main part of the endometriosis is effecting my bowel. It’s pretty complicated to explain and understand but it all just affirmed what they already knew from the mri scan and ultrasound and what I’ve already been told. So because of how extensive the endometriosis is they have referred me to the specialist endometriosis unit in Edinburgh which deal with high risk cases etc. So I just have to wait until I get an appointment and see what happens from there and when I will be getting my operation.

How Im recovering

Well I started writing this post at the start of the week and now we are at the weekend, so all I can say is I’ve had little motivation and I’m extremely sleepy. Although I can say my energy levels are defiantly improving as the week goes on, I guess it’s all about giving yourself time to heal and listening to your body. I went into this operation thinking I was invincible and would be up and about straight away, I was so wrong haha. I’ve defiantly learned over the week it’s so important to give your body the time it needs to heal and to go at your own pace, everyone’s body will react different. It’s defiantly not race when it comes to recovering from any type of procedure. I’ve found that taking the time to lay down during the day and even going for a sleep has worked wonders for my recovery, it gives your body a rest and your not using up all of your energy levels trying to stay awake all day which will help save your energy for healing. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a regular thing, I think I could get used to these daily naps haha. Overall I’ve felt pretty ok within myself other than felling quite tired and I had a little loss of appetite in the first few days after. I also had quite a lot of shoulder pain in the first few days which is just from the air they use to blow the stomach up. I only have two scars One down below my bikini line which has been pretty much pain free and the other through my belly button which I’ve had a lot of pain and bruising from. The plus side is I won’t have any visible  scars from this operation, just a new belly button which I’m still adjusting to haha. It’s so strange, I’ve had an innie belly button my whole life and now I have this very visible outie. It was fair to say I was pretty shocked when they took the dressing off. Hopefully once it’s healed a little better it shouldn’t look too ‘ out there’ haha.

My tips for recovering

plenty of rest and taking it easy for the first week, even laying down or going for a sleep during the day if your body needs it.

Slow and short walks during the day have helped keep me active without straining myself during the first week. I’m usually a really active person and I walk a lot everyday so it’s been hard for me to just sit and relax most of the day so I’ve just been taking it easy and building my walks up each day, the lovely weather has defiantly helped me wind down, nothing  better than a warm summer stroll haha.

Drinking plenty of water is key, especially recovering in the heat we are having. Also eating a healthy balanced diet with more fruit and veg will help with recovery, especially afterwards as the stomach is a lot more sensitive than usual.

Most importantly taking the time to relax, it’s so important to be as stress free as possible when recovering. It isn’t always easy to just relax, so I recommend meditation at the start of the day even if it’s just for 5 minutes to start off with. It’s a great way to clear your mind and relax your body, ready to start the day.

let me know if you have any questions or are going through a similar experience? Do you have any tips for recovering?

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