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Saturday, 29 September 2018

A Day In Gaudalest

Iv'e been meaning to share this post for a while but I've been crazy busy with college since I got back from Spain few weeks ago. I probably shouldn't have taken a late Summer holiday the second week back at college, a lesson well learned haha. I should have listened to Aiden.

We've been to Benidorm quite a few times now but never really ventured out much. So this time we decided to take a few trips, one of them being to the town of Guadalest. 

It's a small town in the mountains of Valencia and only has a population of around 200 people, which sounds like heaven to me haha. Although the town does attract a lot of tourism and its pretty much how the town makes a living. 

I thought since this place was far to unique and beautiful not to share why not write a blog post and  put a few of my favourite photographs from the trip together.

The Scenery

First of all let me start by saying this is literally one of the most picturesque places I think I've ever seen and had the pleasure of visiting. It has the most beautiful reservoir which needs no filter, it's almost unreal to look at. The views from Guadalest are amazing, especially the castle ruins on top of the hills.

The Attractions

Besides the amazing scenery, Guadalest has a ton of cute souvenir shops. They were actually a lot different than the usual shops you'd expect to find. Each one was pretty unique and had more traditional Spanish gifts compared to the usual light up keyring haha. There are plenty of places to grab something to eat and drink as well, and a lot of Ice cream!

There are also a lot of museums in the town, although they are pretty random haha. I found out after the trip they even have a salt and pepper shaker museum, for you know, salt and pepper shaker enthusiasts haha. 

We did decide to go to two of the museums there, the dolls house museum and the micro gigantic. They were actually pretty interesting to look at and you could tell a lot of detail went into creating the pieces on display. 

If museums aren't your thing there is also an old church and castle you can visit as well. 

Overall we had a really great day here and the locals were really friendly and genuine, a nice change from the centre of Benidorm. If your ever in Benidorm or thinking of taking a holiday I would highly recommend taking a trip here, it's defiantly worth a visit and the views are far too good not to see.

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